3D Visualization of Processes and Procedures

3D Visualization of Processes and Procedures · Digital Twins

In the past, plant engineers needed a lot of time and effort to visualize processes realistically. The 3D visualization process can yield a realistic overall picture of a factory, plant, or machine. 3D visualization is essential for Industry 4.0.

The 3D visualization of processes is broad in scope and complex: It is about the graphical visualization of text, figures, images, structures, workflows, and the interaction between them. Visualizing processes is particularly valuable for planning and optimizing work processes. Customers are thus able to understand complex logistical processes and identify problems at an early stage. Virtual reality also opens up completely new possibilities for avoiding planning errors.

For us, 3D visualization is for Industry 4.0 and the digital factory. You and we share the same goals: optimizing workflows, increasing efficiency, and saving costs. In addition, your sales team can sell more convincingly on the basis of virtual reality.

Particularly machine engineers who develop machines for the processing industry want to show how their machines work. The visualization and simulation of input and output and what happens in between is important.

Let’s talk about compounders, for example. At one end of the machine, various plastic pellets enter the compounder, and at the other end, a compounded polymer emerges from the compounder. How can we understand what happens in the machine and what is special about these machines? Only the 3D visualization and simulation of the process makes the system visible and understandable.

This provides us with a completely new form of presentation. Content that is actually complex and difficult to understand suddenly becomes easy to understand and more convincing. The sales force has to explain less and has more time for networking, thus is much more successful. This is the result of visualizing the machines and the related workflow and production process in an understandable way. Ultimately, with relatively little effort, you receive a fantastic sales tool with great added value through 3D visualization. Let’s talk about what we can do for you.

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