3D Visualization

Bring your products, machines, plants, processes and architectures to life with 3D visualization in an interactive virtual world.

The possibilities around the realization of 3D visualization has changed greatly in recent years. The general data compatibility between development (CAD) and visualization (CGI) has been vastly improved. Although it has become much more cost-effective, many companies are not yet taking advantage of 3D visualization. That’s what we want to change. Using 3D visualization, companies can show customers and prospective customers their entire product ranges anywhere at all times – down to the smallest detail – making products come alive.

Next-level customer experience with 3D.
Let’s do it now.

  • Provide sales-boosting Information.
  • Revolutionize your Marketing.
  • Emotionalize your Brand.
  • Build Lasting Customer Experience.
  • Provide sales-boosting Information.
  • Revolutionize your Marketing.
  • Emotionalize your Brand.
  • Build Lasting Customer Experience.

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Take a look at our examples!

Real becomes virtual.

3D Visualization of Products

Early presentation of your prototypes. Unlimited possibilities for product demonstration. Outstanding visual impressions with incredibly stunning pictures

3D Visualization of Machines

Incredibly deep insights to showcase your machines. Early presentation of your prototypes. Outstanding visual impacts and long-lasting impressions.

3D Visualization of Plants and Factories

Photo-realistic presentation of complex facilities. Extensive animations and simulations. New unique perspectives and well differentiated presentations.

3D Visualization of Processes

Visualizing the machines and the related workflow and production process in an understandable way. Optimizing workflows, increasing efficiency, and saving costs. Essential for Industry 4.0.

3D Architectural Visualization

Creates planning safety and aid in spotting mistakes. Ideal way and must-have for presenting design concepts. Helps to improve the understanding

Let’s talk about Digital Twins!

Platform for infinite content

Digitization is changing all areas of industry. For example, CAD has long been the standard in design. But many companies do not use their CAD data to quickly and easily create photorealistic digital twins for virtual worlds. However, digital twins are a must-have. Why? Digital twins are a platform for infinite content! They are the basis for all kinds of CGI images, CGI videos, 3D animations, 3D simulations, virtual interactive showrooms, AR augmented reality, VR virtual reality, and 3D web applications.

3D visualization has changed considerably

Digital twins make brands and products come alive down to the smallest detail – at all customer touchpoints. When you have a digital twin, expensive physical samples or prototypes can even become completely unnecessary. The creation of a digital product twin used to be prohibitively expensive for many firms. However, in the past few years, the technology involved in 3D visualization has changed considerably. Today, digital twins and virtual worlds can be created quickly in a manageable amount of time.

Faster and more cost-efficiently

Creating data standards (with 3D data opimization & 3D data models) and standardizing the CGI workflow across teams are the prerequisites for generating virtual worlds more cost-efficiently. (CGI stands for Computer Generated Imagery – the creation of virtual reality.) We at INVIZCOM have achieved a breakthrough so as to create 3D visual content faster and more cost-efficiently than ever before.

Virtual worlds without limits

We mainly use Blender and Unreal Engine for this. Blender and Unreal are professional open 3D softwares that can be installed for free by anyone. From our point of view, Blender in combination with Unreal Engine is the best CGI tool, especially when it comes to development and exchange processes that are responsive and data compatible. Once a digital twin has been created, it can be applied and set in virtual worlds without limits – in a way that increases sales, strengthens content, and creates a superior experience to its physical brothers and sisters.

The digital future belongs to 3D worlds and 3D products. It will be a time of unlimited creativity and product presentation.